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What they said about us

Morpho Projects


Yannis Kontaratos

Owner of Parian Boutique Hotel

I chose to collaborate with MORPHÓ about the architectural study and renovation of my hotel, Parian Boutique Hotel, and I would describe our collaboration as flawless!
After only a few meetings MORPHÓ team came up with a draft plan, which was highly precise and met our expectations and beyond!
The entire team was very supportive during the renovation, and they were always alert for any upcoming situation and problem.
I am also very glad for their professionalism and their consistency to the given timelines. The fully renovated Parian boutique hotel opened in the summer of 2018 and the season’s review left us speechless! We didn’t expect such quick success after the renovation! Our main goal was to complete the payback of the investment in a period of 4 years and a 40% increase of our turnover. Our increase of turnover reached 104%, 2018 was an exceptional season for us!
We crushed the competition, and we gained our optimism back for the future! We would like to thank MORPHÓ team for contributing to all the above, to us they are more than just partners, we are now friends! They are excellent professionals, and we undoubtedly recommend them!


Dionysis Logothetis

Owner of  Aktaion Beach Boutique Hotel & Spa

I first saw company’s presence in social media and I really liked their projects. I wanted to upgrade my property, elevate my business, be more competitive so I got in touch with MORPHÓ, and I can say that choice was really worthy!
MORPHÓ team presented us with an exceptional renovation and interior design proposal, which led AKTAION on a change of category and according to EOT’s regulations became a 3* boutique hotel!  
We were able to increase the charging rate of our rooms, we are almost constantly fully booked, and our guests love our new facilities!
The chemistry between us and the architects of MORPHÓ was obvious from the first time and they were always wiling to guide us and help us to achieve the best outcome!
I really liked their proposals and I am fully satisfied with the result! I would definitely recommend them; my clients love the upgraded version of AKTAION!

EPSP2102_interior design 08.jpg
EPSP2102_interior design 08.jpg


In progress 

Choosing to collaborate with a company remotely can be frustrating and may feel risky, or unsafe, but with MORPHO we overcame any fear we had!
We are completely satisfied! The team held frequent meetings, they kept us posted for any detail of the procedure and they were always willing to help us and listen to our demands. I never felt insecure with my choice to collaborate with them even though it was a remote collaboration!
I am so glad for their design skills; I would definitely recommend them!

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