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Interior Design & Branding

Morphó Hotel Design's selected Interior Designers undertake the design of new or under renovation accommodations, creating impressive hotels with high functionality and aesthetics. Having significant experience in the distinct specifications required for the design of a hotel (since the smooth operation and the satisfaction of the traveller of the accommodation should always be foreseen), the Morphó Hotel Design team aims to specify accommodations that will stand out for their overall experience and their Place Identity. In this respect, it also adapts the corporate identity to hotel details, providing a holistic approach to hotel branding.

The interior design of a hotel determines much of the traveller's experience but also the performance of the service provided by the staff. Interior Designers should have significant experience in understanding the hotel workflow, as well as in translating the Hotel Concept into Design Guidelines that will determine the unique experience of the accommodation.​


  • Understanding of the needs and operation

  • Specification of the Design Guidelines according to the Concept

  • Design of Floor Plans and Photorealistics

  • Creation of color and material Moodboards 

  • Construction, Materials and Equipment Budget

  • Surveillance of the completion of works 

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