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Morphó Hotel Design's architectural team undertakes the complete design of new accommodations, ensuring an excellent result, always in accordance with the directions provided by our partner investors and the pre-determined budget. Highly specialized in Architectural Design of Hotels and Tourist Accommodations, the Morphó Hotel Design team can deliver either all stages of a complete Architectural Design from A to Z, or just the specific part you desire, according to the point at which your project currently is.

The Architectural Design of a hotel or tourist accommodation constitutes the most important stage and determines the success of the business at both commercial and operational levels. Given the specific needs of the accommodation, the architectural design must be done taking into account the operational guidelines as well as the hotel concept, ensuring that a competitive hotel product is created.​


  • Architectural Study

  • Light Study & Landscape Design

  • Issue of Building Permits

  • Construction Budget Study

  • Design Concept Specification

  • Interior Design & Decoration

  • Construction Project Management 

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