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Energy Solutions for Hotels

The concept of sustainability and eco-consciousness in Hotels is an ever-increasing global trend. Morphó Hotel Design, realizing this very dynamic trend, and always in combination with the unique advantages of Greek nature, presents a full range of services related to the study, specification, and installation of photovoltaic systems for your accommodation. In addition to the upgraded customer experience as well as the dynamic communication advantages of such an operation, the proper utilization of solar energy also has significant financial benefits for the hotel, as it drastically reduces relevant costs.

The ecological and sustainable nature of an accommodation is playing an increasingly important role in the final purchase decision of travellers. In addition to your communication strategy, of which this action should be an integral part, installation of photovoltaics will dramatically reduce the operating costs of the accommodation, increase customer satisfaction and enhance your positive reviews.


  • Autonomous Photovoltaic Systems

  • Net Metering

  • Electricity Sale

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