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Construction & Renovation

The Construction Division of Morphó Hotel Design undertakes the complete Construction and Renovation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodations, ensuring punctual project delivery as well as budget compliance. Having in its team all the necessary professionals such as Civil Engineers and Construction Project Managers, and in collaboration with the Project Design Team, Morphó Hotel Design handles the construction or renovation of your accommodation, while providing you with additional consulting services for a faster and more cost-effective completion of the project.

Construction and Renovation of a hotel is a demanding process, as it is important to adhere to the pre-determined timetable and investment budget. High-quality results require experience and technical know-how, as well as solutions that will reduce costs and time without downgrading, of course, the final result.​


  • Understanding the Brief in collaboration with the Design Team​

  • Issuing the necessary permits (for a small or larger scale) 

  • Determining the budget for the construction costs and equipment 

  • Scheduling of the timetable and foreseeing alternative procedures

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